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  • When do your books open?
    Books open once a month on the 18th @6pm. If booking is opening for May, my calendar will open on April 18th @6pm. Slots go quick. Please sign-up for the waiting list to be sent a reminder 24hrs in advance about books opening.
  • What is the difference between the Royal Knotless & the Classic Knotless?
    Royal knotless are customized braids to provide the most natural and flat look as possible. Classic knotless consists of bigger parts, but still giving you the lightweight and tension free hairstyle.
  • Does the booking fee go towards the style?
    The booking fee does go towards the style. The only fee that does not go towards the style is EARLY BOOKING FEE. Which gives you a chance to bypass the line and have early access to my books.
  • Do you offer midback length as an option?
    I do offer midback as an option (only upon request), however, the price will remain the same as if you were getting waist length braids. Requires the same amount of work.
  • Can you let me know when you have a cancellation?
    Signing up for my waitlist gives you a chance to be notified via email of any cancellations or any additional days I may add.
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