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hey royals!

chicago knotless hair braider
milwaukee knotless hair braider


I'm Chloe Simelton, Traveling Knotless Hair Braider primarily located in Milwaukee, WI & Chandler, AZ. Excited to have you visit my website and want to get to know me a little better!


I definitely know how it feels to want a protective hairstyle so you can save time and get your hair to grow but ending up with the pain, tension and discomfort that most traditional braided hairstyles tend to leave you with. After dealing with so many pain-filled braiding appointments and troubling hair loss myself, I knew there had to be another alternative and then I found knotless braids.


I spent time researching and learning about this process and then made the decision that I didn’t want anyone else to go through what I had been through. I invested time and resources into formal training and education and then dedicated countless hours into perfecting my craft so that I could offer my clients a premium service to meet their hair needs. I am working to shift the belief that “beauty is NOT pain” when it comes to getting a protective hairstyle. I provide knotless braid hairstyles for women who want to continue to see their hair grow and flourish while their hair is protected. I would love to have you come sit in my chair so I can support you in your hair journey!

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as a royal


To help you select the knotless style that is best suitable for your hair type. Therefore, I require consultations with first-time royals so that I can ensure that what you are looking for I can provide you successfully.

That your service is matched with your investment. With each and every install I take my time to ensure that it’s done correctly and professionally for the highest quality end result. After all, you deserve a quality crown.

To make sure you know how to maintain your hair after your install. You will receive a follow-up email with the do’s and don’ts, and my recommendations when rocking your protective hairstyle. I also have products available for purchase to make your maintenance process smooth.

a little about me


I am a wife and mother, who strives to be present in my family’s life. I love to travel and create memories. There are two things I do not play about, one is my time and the other is my hair. Time is something you cannot get back, so I make it a priority to spend it wisely and enjoy every second of it. I also make sure I schedule time in my schedule to indulge in self-care. I’ve learned that you cannot pour from an empty. So I make it my business to constantly re-fill it. During the pandemic, I felt a little out of place and slightly felt like I was losing myself. I started to write down things that instantly brought me joy, I felt slightly relieved. It was all self-care related. Getting my hair done was on the top of the list. Who knew taking care of your hair was a form of self-care. I want you to have that same feeling when getting your hair done.

The people that make me smile...

about me

I’m a foodie


I’m addicted to traveling

Target gets all of my money


I have two broke best friends (my two daughters)

Favorite TV shows

"Real Housewives...." of something LOL

Queen of the South

Law & Order (SVU)


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